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September 16. 2008
BeTheHost launches a company news / network blog. This blog will house all network status and public news.
Our support department is here 24-7 to answer any questions for you.
From Mike:
U guys r great, your staff is very prompt with getting back to me about questions I have (sorry, I’m clueless when it comes to computers) Will thanks for keeping my site up and running all day and night, only time it's down is for maintenance. I’m very happy with



Web Hosting
We offer many types of web hosting solutions from basic hosting plans to full blown dedicated servers. BeTheHost has combined the best hardware, latest software and the most reliable network components to deliver the services you need. Whether you want to park a domain, host a family web site, run a complete E-Business storefront or host a live broadcast with millions of hits - choosing BeTheHost as your web hosting partner will be the wisest choice you make
Web Design Service
We offer web development services from a simple startup websites to the more advanced fully blown automated ecommerce systems and database services. Our professional design engineers will help you build an easy navigational system that is both elegant yet practical, customized to your specific companies logo, look and feel, and color schemes. We can also start from scratch and help you build a totally new logo and look and feel that is better suited to your expected Internet audience and their needs. For more information click here for see our web design area.

Custom Ecommerce Systems
Not only do we offer a free shopping cart with our hosting plans, but we have a very low cost fully automated shopping cart that allows you can design your shopping cart around your web site, not your web around your shopping cart. With new features such as real-time inventory quantity-on-hand controls, "what's new" and "most popular" functions, updated template system, a totally new admin layout, unique category listings, and more.

For more Information on this system, please contact us.

Custom Database System
Does your site need a web based database system; well we have the solutions for you. This system is great whether it be a directory, a classified ads system, real estate listings, car dealership or a variety of other scenarios. It has a powerful site search, a completely customizable templates system, the most flexible database you've ever seen, and much more. It will revolutionize the way you approach web-based data.

For more Information on this system, please contact us.

Web Hosting Billing Systems
We are currently in the works to partner with a leading automated customer billing system for our resellers and dedicated server customers. This will allow our customers to relax more easier known that there system will work with the latest server technology found on the internet and be fully secured way to do business. Our current release date for this is Late 2005