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September 16. 2008
BeTheHost launches a company news / network blog. This blog will house all network status and public news.
Our support department is here 24-7 to answer any questions for you.
From Mike:
U guys r great, your staff is very prompt with getting back to me about questions I have (sorry, I’m clueless when it comes to computers) Will thanks for keeping my site up and running all day and night, only time it's down is for maintenance. I’m very happy with



Who Started BeTheHost (formally AllsafeOnline)
BeTheHost is a full service web host provider and was founded by Robert Merrihue (Chief Executive Officer seen on the right side) in 2000. Since then, thousands of people have chosen us for web hosting, design services, and ecommerce solutions. We have also helped many resellers grow their business from single domain accounts into real companies over those years.

Our Management
BeTheHost management team is the best in the industry. They have many years in the hosting and business management industry. This is a big plus to our success.

Service and Support
The majority of our clients come to us from other providers due to lack of technical and customer support. Our technical and customer support team works around the clock to insure that your services get the highest standards available. When you order any services with us, we guarantee rock solid customer support and services.

We're proud to partner our expertise with leading technology software and hardware vendors like Cisco, Intel, Raidmax, Sony, Zalman, Corsair, Mushkin, Kingston, Rosewill, ASUS, Gigabyte, Dell, CTSI™ BTN Access™, Level 3™, Cogent™, Yipes™, Verizon™, Cpanel, Direct Admin and many others. This gives you the best solutions for your web hosting needs.

Since BeTheHost is a privately owned and a subsidiary of All-Safe Alarms a worldwide known security company we are 100% free of debt, and operating on an extremely low overhead allows us to pass these saving on to our clients. Our rates are 100% lower then the industry standards, given you even better savings without sacrificing technical support, connectivity or top of the line hardware that we OWN.

Company Location
Our World Headquarters is located at 62 North Main Street – Suite 201 - Florida, New York 10921.